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Digital Archives System

Album Name Cover Image Academic Year Last Update
Album Name Cover Image Academic Year Last Update
Paul's Challenge 2016 2015/2016
St Paul's College-St Paul's Convent School English Friendly Debate 2015/2016
St Paul's College-Sacred Heart Canossian College English Friendly Debate 2015/2016
Junior English Debate Championship 2015-2016 2015/2016
5th Wah Yan College Kowloon Junior Inter-school Debating Tournament 2015/2016
Go Fun Dragon Fearless Run 2016 2015/2016
中文及中史科山東歷史文化考察團2016 2015/2016
F.4 Econ & BAFS Outing - Careers Live on 16 March 2016 2015/2016
Form 6 Last Day_March 2016 2015/2016
Stanton Cup_18th December 2016 2015/2016
F.5 Econ & BAFS Stimulating Game - Saving & Investment on 2 March 2016 2015/2016
The Speaker Hong Kong Secondary School English Public Speaking Contest 2016 2015/2016
The 31st Sing Tao Inter-school Debating Competition 2015/2016
St Paul's College-St Stephen's Girls' College English Friendly Debate 2015-2016 2015/2016
Form 3 Inter-class Debate Competition 2015/2016
Form 2 Inter-class Debate Competition 2015/2016
12th HKSDPSC Junior Debating Tournament 2015/2016
14.12.2015 Admission Talk by Newcastle University 2015/2016
02.12.2015 Dietitian sharing by Denis Tsang 2015/2016
14.12.2015 Sharing by American Chambers of Commerce 2015/2016
28.01.2016 Inauguration Day 2015/2016
11.12.2015 Alumni sharing - Management Consulting by Trevor Kwong 2015/2016
16.11.2015 CUSCS Big Data and Cloud Computing Talk 2015/2016
16.11.2015 Birmingham Law School Admission Talk 2015/2016
Speech Day 2015 2015/2016
Graduation Ceremony of the Leadership Training Course 2014-2015 2015/2016
Sports Day_November 2015 2015/2016
Swimming Gala_September 2015 2015/2016
F.1 Camp 2015-2016 --- Paul's Breakthrough 2015/2016
CYC - The Community Chest Flag Day 2015 2015/2016
深資航空女童軍10周年10公里挑戰盃 2015/2016
S.A. Sponsored Walk 2015 2015/2016
06.11.2015 Brown University Scholarship Talk 2015/2016
02.11.2015 United Word College Scholarship Talk 2015/2016
30.10.2015 Education UK Net talk 2015/2016
29.10.2015 UST Admission Talk 2015/2016
27.10.2015 Parents' Evening 2015/2016
26.10.2015 HKU Admission Talk 2015/2016
19.10.2015 Edinburgh Napier Scholarship Talk 2015/2016
05.10.2015 AFS Scholarship Talk 2015/2016
14.09.2015 College of St. Benedict and St John's University Admission Talk 2015/2016
11.09.2015 Alumni UK studies sharing 2015/2016
PTA AGM 2015 2015/2016
AVS Charity Walk & Run for Volunteering 2015 2015/2016
World Food Day - Cherish Food Campaign 2015/2016
Economics and Financial Literacy Programme for F.3 and F.4 BAFS students by Mr Simon Lee (CUHK) 2015/2016
Dr. Brambley - Academic-in-Residence 2015 2015/2016
JSSE Aug 2015 2014/2015
St. Paul’s College Summer Concert 2015 2014/2015
UK Tour_2015 2014/2015
23rd World Scout Scout Jamboree, Japan August 2015 2014/2015
Form One Parents' Orientation Day_29th August 2015 2014/2015
History Tour Summer 2015 2014/2015
Christian Tour 2015 2014/2015
Student Exchange Programme with Christ Church Grammar School in Perth, Australia 2014-2015 2014/2015
Sports Training Tour to Singapore 2014-2015 2014/2015
End of Term Assembly_Form Two and Four 2014/2015
End of Term Assembly_ Form One Three and Five 2014/2015
F.3 Economics & Financial Literacy Program Series 2014/2015
30.06.2015 SCAD visited the College and demonstration 2014/2015
27.06.2015 Mentorship Dinner 2014/2015
26.06.2015 F.3 after-exam careers and studies activities - session 1 2014/2015
25.06.2015 CUHK Medicine Visit 2014/2015
Keep the Boat Afloat Challenge 2014/2015
Admission Talk by representatives of the University of Hong Kong 26th May 2015 2014/2015